10 Shocking Dog Myth Busted

Dog myths, you might have heard some of them and wonder if they were true or all just a fairy tale. There are a lot of myths about dogs going around and my job here is to help you debunk them. 

Thanks to the Internet, there are a lot of dog myth being created. Here I've managed to cover some of the dog myth I've heard from people and friends around me.​


Myth #1: Tug of war makes your dog aggressive

It’s a common misunderstanding that losing the game makes your dog have more dominance over you, thus the aggressiveness. But it’s all a myth. According to a research, it rather provides your dog with more confident, and losing or winning the game doesn’t matter at all.

Myth #2: Crate training is cruel

Most people believe that their dog needs an open space and don't like small spaces like crates. I can see you why might think that because crates look like prison. But crate training actually provides your dog with a sense of security and act as a den for your dog.

Myth #3: Dog & cats can’t be friends

They can be friends but it’s certainly hard to make them to get along. To make them get along, separate your cat and dog area and introduce them slowly. Give them equal love and don’t play favorites. Your best bet would be to get a puppy and kitten when they’re young so that they will grow up and get along together.

Myth #4: Dogs are color blind

Dogs are not color blind, I myself used to believe that dogs were color blind and could only see in black and white because of a scene in the movie “Dogs & Cats” but I was wrong. According to a experiment, our dogs can distinguish yellow and blue.

Myth #5: Old dogs can’t learn new tricks

You can't teach an old dog new tricks, you may have heard of this phrase before, it’s quite a famous saying. But it's totally possible to teach your old dog new tricks. In fact they are even easier to train than puppies, mainly because they are more developed and can concentrate and focus for longer period of time.

Myth #6: Dogs humping means doing “it”

Another common misunderstanding, dogs humping each other aren't actually doing "it". I think we all know what "it" means. Dogs humping each other is perfectly normal and are just playing around and usually an act of dominance.

Myth #7: Warm and dry nose means a sick dog

There’s an old myth that if your dog’s nose is warm and dry, your dog has a fever or is sick. Which is not always the case. Your dog’s nose may be warm and dry because of the hot weather in the summer or if your house is dry in the winter.

Myth #8: Spaying and neutering your dog will make him fat

No it won’t make your dog fat. He will get fat if you overfeed him and don’t give him enough exercise. In fact spaying and neutering him will actually increase your dog's life span. And also sometimes decreasing aggressive behavior.

Myth #9: Dog wagging their tail means they’re happy

Sometimes maybe they are, but that's not always the case. Tail wagging can also mean fear or even aggression. You should learn to read their body language, especially before approaching a random dog.

Myth #10: Some dog breeds are more aggressive than others

I’ve heard this from a lot of people. Any breeds can be aggressive, it all depends on how the dog is treated. Although larger dogs can be more dangerous simply because of their size, but in the end it all comes down to how the dog was brought up.

PS: If I didn't go over a dog myth that you were searching for or if you have a question you'd like to ask me ​just comment down below!


Allison here from Pupfection! I was fostering homeless dogs for more than 2 years and currently traveling. And now here to share my tricks, tips, and reviews related to dogs and puppies on Pupfection.

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