7 Best Quality & Affordable Dog Beds Reviewed

I remembered when I first had a dog and was looking to buy a bed for her. There were too many to choose from and I didn’t know if they were any good at all but I ended up with a pretty good bed, I guess I got lucky and that bed actually made it to the list! Finding the right one can be hard, If you're looking for some of the cheapest and the best dog bed?

Here's what you'll learn from this review:

  • 7 best afford dog beds
  • Who made the beds
  • ​Why you should buy it
  • What I like and don't like about it
  • Pros and Cons
  • Lastly, my final thoughts
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How To Train Your Dog (Beginner Friendly)

Why should I train my dog?​

Are you having trouble training your dog or puppy? Do they run around and completely destroy your house and furniture? Or maybe they just don't listen to you at all. Maybe you don't have the money to spend thousands on dog training classes. This guide will teach you how to train your dog that even a beginner can do it!

Well, you're not alone, many of us have the same problem as you and maybe even worse. I'll teach you guys everything you need to know about basic dog/puppy training.

Before we start, I'd like you guys to stick with me through the end. I assure you that it is definitely possible to train your dog/puppy. If you have failed multiple times, its okay, its all part of the process. I've failed a lot too but I never gave up, and I hope you don't as well.

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Can my dog eat mango? Apple? Orange?

Having your four-legged friend stare at you with those sad round eyes while you eat something delicious is probably the most hard-to-resist feeling in the world. Our instinct tells us to immediately share the food with our friend, because, well…it’s delicious right?

However, that’s not always the best thing to do! In fact, it’s probably better to resist the urge to feed your dog human food until you’re completely sure that it’s safe for him. Have you ever wondered – “Can I give my dog Mango? Raw meat? Ice-cream? Apple?”

Can my dog eat mango, kiwi?

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Can I give human food to my dog?​

Even if some foods are perfectly good and even healthy for you as a human to eat, it doesn’t mean that they’ll bring the same benefits to your dog. On the contrary, some of the healthiest food choices for us such as green tea or dark chocolate can be fatal for your dog!

For this reason, knowing what you should and shouldn’t feed your dog is crucial. Sometimes, even the smallest amount of a certain substance can result in your dog having diarrhea, intoxication, seizures, anemia, or worse!​

On the other side, there are many human foods that can serve as a perfect snack for your dog! Don’t forget that a dog should be fed primarily with dog food since it contains all the essential nutrients and vitamins necessary for your friend to have a long and healthy life!

Human food should be considered as a treat and it shouldn’t amount to more than 10% of your dog’s diet. However, giving an occasional treat here and there will switch things up a bit and give some extra love and happiness to your dog.​

In order to help you decide which treats are edible for dogs and which are strictly forbidden, we’ve composed a list of some of the best and worst foods for dogs.

Even though it’s impossible to list every single food out there, we’ll give you some of the essentials. And as a word of advice before moving on to the list – if you don’t find a certain food here and you’re not sure about it – better resist giving it to your dog until you’re completely sure whether or not it’s safe!​

Safe to Eat Foods for Dogs​!

Lean and Boneless Meat

Most Vegetables

Most Fruits

Salmon and Other Boneless Fish

Peanut butter



Cooked Eggs

SOME Dairy Products


Forbidden Foods for Dogs


Garlic and Onion

Raw Meat/Bones/Fish/Eggs



Grapes and Raisins




Fruit Pits and Seeds (Peaches, Plums, Persimmons)

Macadamia Nuts

Yeast Dough

Fatty Meats


As we can see, many of the everyday table foods that are healthy for us can be extremely dangerous for the man’s best friend. Putting aside the fact that you’ll have less control over how much your dog really eats, constantly treating your dog with human food can pose some more serious threats to his health.

While we might avoid garlic only because it will give us a bad breath, it can actually kill your dog. And while milk and coffee are the perfect combinations for waking up in the morning, it won’t be the same for your furry friend.

Now that you know all of this, we do understand that accidents can happen. In case you suspect that your dog has eaten something bad for him, closely monitor his behavior over the next few weeks. As soon as you notice something out of the ordinary, bring your pup to the vet! Many of the above-mentioned products can have consequences that don’t show up right away but after some weeks or even months.

So, if you really think that your dog has ingested large quantities of food that’s toxic for him (or any other toxic substance in your home), it’s best to seek veterinary help immediately! In this way, your vet can react fast and prevent the food from dissolving in your dog’s system.

As a final note, remember that these “human” foods should not represent a large part of your dog’s diet, but rather be considered as occasional treats. A dog should eat well-balanced dog food that will provide complete and proper nourishment. So, follow these tips, stay on the safe side, and enjoy the love and happiness of your healthy ball of fur!

5 Best Puppy Shampoo 2017 [Buyers Guide]

If you’ve got a puppy in your home, then you’re probably going through the phase right now where you want to make sure that your puppy has the best of the best so that he/she can look and feel as good as possible. With puppy shampoo brands, they’re all different and offer different protections. Today, I'll be reviewing 5 best puppy shampoo you can get in 2017!

Best Puppy Shampoo Features

As stated earlier, different puppy shampoos offer different features for you to consider, let’s talk about some of the best ones that you can look out for:

  • Flea Protection - If your puppy has ever suffered from fleas before, or you live in an area where you think fleas are rampant, then you should probably look for a specific type of shampoo that offers flea protection. The best puppy shampoo brands are always the ones that offer this as one of the main benefits because dogs have it worse than us humans when it comes to flea issues.
  • Scented Shampoos – The smell of your dog when he/she needs a bath has to be horrible, so one of the best things you should pay attention to is the smell of the shampoo that you’re buying. Usually, the smell begins to fade after a few days, but if you’re able to pick up a shampoo for your puppy that will leave your dog smelling good for a while, then you should do it.
    Try your best to stay away from unscented shampoos, unless you like your dog smelling bad.
  • Moisturizer – Some shampoos advertise that they can moisturize the skin of your dog. This is a huge benefit because a lot of dogs have issues with having flaky skin which can be annoying to them.
  • Plant Cleansing – Some of the best puppy shampoo brands have plant cleansing shampoo that they sell. This usually means that they’re not going to stuff their shampoo full of regular soap and advertise it as dog shampoo, but they pay attention to the best ingredients they can put into their product so that your dog can have a nice bath.
  • Tearless Ingredients – One of the worst things for a dog is getting shampoo in their eyes. That can be a painful, scary experience for them because a lot of the time they don’t even understand what’s going on when they’re forced to get a bath. With tearless ingredients put into the shampoo, you don’t have to worry as much about it getting in their eyes because it shouldn’t hurt them as much and will stop tears from forming to get rid of the shampoo.

5 Best Puppy Shampoo Products

Now for the bread and butter of the article. Lets talk about the best puppy shampoo products for you to choose from! Here are some of the ones you should pay attention to next time you’re ready to buy some of the best shampoo for your dog:

Particular Paws Oatmeal Shampoo​

One of the best items on our list is this puppy shampoo because of the well-known brand name it has attached to it. Particular Paws has been able to add a product that is able to do the following for your dog:

  • It’s able to moisturize your dog’s skin so that they don’t have to suffer with dry, flaky skin anymore. The dandruff can disappear for a while after applying this to your dog, which is one of the main reasons you should use this product!​
  • The puppy shampoo has nothing but natural ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about putting weird chemicals in your puppy’s coat if you’re someone who’s scared about that issue.
  • This puppy shampoo is also good to use for dogs who suffer from skin issues. The fact that this is an all-natural oatmeal shampoo is one of the best things about it, which can help out a ton if your dog needs to find a fix for their skin disease.
  • The smell of the shampoo is commonly regarded as one of the best puppy shampoo smells. If you need a shampoo that’s going to make your dog smell like a new dog, then this is one of the ones you should seriously consider.​

This puppy shampoo product is an all-natural, soap free product which is great at making your dog smell good after use. It doesn’t matter how dirty your dog is, this shampoo can take care of it. It’s also a fairly cheap shampoo for your dog, coming in at around $10, which just about anyone can afford. 

Here are some other things you can expect if you plan on purchasing this pet shampoo:

  • This shampoo isn’t just for dogs, you can use it on any pet you have, hence the name of the product! People have had a lot of success with using this product on their cats as well! So if you have a puppy and need some more shampoo, then you can use this on both your puppy and your cat, as a perfect dual animal shampoo product!
  • This shampoo is one of the best puppy shampoo products for dogs with skin allergies as well. A lot of dogs have itchy skin constantly and need to figure out a way to get rid of that symptom. With this in mind, you should buy a product like this which can be perfect for your dog.
  • Once again, with this product you can expect every ingredient to be natural, so your puppy won’t have to deal with unnatural chemicals.
  • This is yet another great dog shampoo which is going to smell good on your dog. Most of the reviews on this product boast about the wonderful smell that comes with this shampoo. It can last for weeks, so don’t worry about how good it smells, worry more about how long it lasts!​

Isle of Dogs has been able to create one of the best tearless dog shampoos for your pups. One of the best parts about this specific shampoo is the fact that it’s one of the cheapest kinds of shampoo you can get. If you have a large dog, you can even buy the gallon version so that you won’t run out quick!

Here are some other features for you to think about!

  • The product is sulfate and paraben free, which is something for you to consider if your dog has issues with those two compounds.
  • It’s another good-smelling product that you can put on your dog. Although it’s not the best, you can certainly justify for this product based on the price point that it’s being offered at!
  • You can pair this up with some dog conditioner, which might help out with the overall feeling of the fur after the bath. This shampoo isn’t a conditioner, but it does make it smell good and feel a little bitter. However you can always find a little bit extra with a conditioner added into the mix.
  • This is one of those products that won’t jumble up your dog’s fur. A lot of people have the issue of giving their dog a bath, only to find that they need to brush their dog for an hour to get all of the matting out of their fur. The reason for that depends on the water and shampoo that was used, paired with the fur of the dog, but you can bet that this specific shampoo does a great job of stopping that issue from occurring

Overall, this is the best puppy shampoo on a budget. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, then this is the shampoo for you to use.

Wahl is a great company for you to buy from when you’re looking for the best puppy shampoo products. Every product they make for your dog is going to be of the highest quality and is going to be made from natural ingredients. One of the best things about this product is that they have so many options! You can choose shampoos meant for dogs, and you can choose shampoos made specifically for a young puppy. It’s up to you to choose what you want!

Since everything is completely natural, you can also expect it to be tear free, which means that your dog won’t be crying from the pain caused by shampoo getting in his/her eye.

Here are some other things for you to consider with this product:​

  • They make a specific product for fleas and ticks, which means that you can help your dog out with some perfect medicated shampoo if he/she suffers from some fleas or ticks.
  • The company makes a very specific shampoo for dogs with odor issues. A lot of dogs have odor issues, and they make a shampoo that you can choose from which will allow you to get bad smells out of their hair/fur.
  • This product is as near 5 stars as it can be for a product that’s been sold to as many people as this has. This is the most trusted puppy shampoo on our guide. Itchiness, skin issues, and more will go away upon some thorough usage of this product.​

Overall, you can trust this product. It’s made from a great company who knows what they’re doing, and you can be sure to get some of the best quality for your puppy out of this shampoo.

Although the title of this shampoo talks about how it’s made for "dogs," you can believe that a young puppy will also be able to benefit greatly from this product. It’s a very cheap product, with $10 being its original price! The condensed scent inside of this bottle is unbelievable, and is the best smelling puppy shampoo on our list!

Here are some other things for you to consider:

  • The main smell that they sell is baby formula smell, which could be pretty entertaining for some of you. You might think that this was a weird choice for the creators of the shampoo, but it’s proven to be quite the success in the world of doggy shampoo.
  • The hair/fur of your dog will stay tangle free after using this. Like stated earlier, a lot of these shampoos will mess up your dog’s hair, but not with this product!​

All in all, you can’t go wrong with this shampoo for your dog, if you’re unsure about which one you want to buy, just make a decision and stick with it with this exact product. You won’t be upset about choosing this one.

Out of every type of shampoo, I went over, I don’t have an absolute favorite. This guide was meant to inform you about some of the best ones you can buy.

There are still some other brands and dog shampoos that might be good for you, but these 5 are some of the best ones on the whole internet, with stellar reviews and great quality delivered!​

How To Keep Your Dog Clean

One way to avoid spending a lot of money on your dog is to find a way to keep your dog clean. This can be easier said than done, but if you can figure out the best way to keep your dog clean, then you can ultimately end up eliminating the need to wash your dog clean as much as you normally do.

Here are some ways you can keep your dog clean for a long time without needing to apply shampoo on him/her:

  • Keep your dog inside! I know this is hard to do, especially with a large dog. But the more you can manage to keep your dog inside, the more you can keep your dog out of the bath tub. What makes your dog the dirtiest is the mud and grass outside, along with the sweat he/she develops in the heat outside.​

The only time you should take your dog outside is when you take you take him/her on a walk, and in those scenarios, you should try your best to avoid wet areas, and try your best to only stay outside for a limited amount of time. Using all of this advice, you can drastically alter the dirtiness of your dog after a period of time.

  • Keep your inside clean. If the inside of your house is always trashed with food everywhere, then your dog is going to be more and more apt to get into everything and get dirty. The cleaner your home is, the cleaner your dog will manage to stay. Food is one of the main enemies you can face when you’re trying to keep your dog clean because the food is going to get into your dog’s fur and cause a lot of issues down the road.​
  • Brushing your dog. Believe it or not, brushing your dog to avoid matting is going to be one the best things you can do to clean up your dog without having to put him/her in the bathtub. Also, when you’re brushing, you’re going to be able to remove a lot of dirt hiding in the fur of your dog. Down the road, you can postpone your dog’s next bath by weeks if you can manage to brush your dog just a little bit every few days!
  • Cleaning your dog’s bed! Your dog might be dirty one day, sleep in his/her bed, then get washed. One of the biggest mistakes people make is to not wash the bed of the dog! The bed is going to have the smell of the dirty dog trapped inside of the cushioning, and when you wash your dog you should wash your dog’s bed so that the smell will stay away! This is a huge deal, and you should really remember this

Aside from your dog’s bed, you should clean anything that your dog uses on a day to day basis, such as a disgusting toy that he/she cuddles with to the rug that your dog lays on every day when you’re outside. The point of this is to ensure that your dog won’t go right back to being smelly because that’s probably one of the biggest reasons you gave your dog a bath in the first place.

  • Wipe your dog down. You can use dog wipes to temporarily clean up your dog. This will allow you to be able to clean your dog without having to waste your puppy shampoo. The best thing about this is that you can do it in just about 30 seconds and freshen your dog up quite a bit.​

If you’re able to use all of these methods, then you can really postpone the amount of time it’s going to take for you to have to wash your dog again. Just using a few of these ideas can save you a lot of money on puppy shampoo over the years.

Choosing a Shampoo Based on Your Dog’s Needs

To finish off this guide, we’re going to talk about one of the most important things for you to even think about. Your dog’s needs are going to be different from another person’s dog, and you should buy the best puppy shampoo for your dog! This is very important for you to consider, because why would you want to buy a dog shampoo that’s meant for fleas and ticks when your dog doesn’t even suffer from that?​

Remember that when you’re choosing a dog shampoo that you should buy something that’s going to:​

  • Smell as good as possible. This is a huge deal. Nothing is more satisfying then washing your dog and then being able to smell your dog’s new smell.
  • Buy a dog shampoo that will be good for your dog’s skin. Some of the best products for washing your dog’s fur are going to be able to moisturize your dog’s skin, making them healthier. If you’re unable to find a shampoo that’s good for moisturizing, then go straight for a product which is made from natural ingredients!
  • Strike a good deal. Most puppy shampoos are pretty cheap to buy, but some are cheaper than others, and you can save a lot of money down the line if you buy one that won’t put a dent in your wallet. Don’t assume that the best dog shampoos are the ones that are worth the most money because some of the best ones on our list are cheapest ones we threw into the guide!​

Overall, I hope that the guide was able to help you in making the right purchase decision for your puppy's bath time!

How to Potty Train a Puppy in an Apartment

Potty training a puppy in an apartment isn't the easiest thing you can do. When you have to potty train your dog in a house with a yard, it's so much easier. The hard thing about potty training your dog in an apartment has to do with the fact that you really need to think of alternatives aside from letting your dog outside, and this is the perfect guide to help you for just that!

Sure, you could use the outdoors as a variable in potty training your dog, but we're also going to go over some of the other best options out there!

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Choosing a Dog Breed Guide – Best Type of Dog for You!

Choosing a dog breed that's perfect for you is hard work. You don't want a dog that's too big, too small, too expensive, too furry, too annoying, too weak, or too boring for you. Everyone has their own tastes, and owning a dog is a lot of hard work. If you have an idea of what type of dog you want, then this guide will be perfect for you.

If you're coming in without knowing anything, you can still leave this with a lot more information than you had before clicking on this link. Let's begin.

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11 Best Dog Nail Grinders 2017 [Buyers Guide]

Finding the best dog nail grinder for your dog is a big deal. When you injure your dog by cutting his/her nails in the wrong way, it can be a painful process for both of you. Your pet's going to be limping around for a while and won't let you get near their paws again, this is a big problem if you want their nails to be less jagged and more correct.

Don't go cheap on your dog and get any old set of nail grinders for them, buy the best one you can so that your dog can be comfortable and you won't have issues anymore with his/her nails ripping things up anymore!

Make this a win-win for both you and your dog, see the guide below for more details.

Why Invest In Good Nail Grinders for Your Dog?

A lot of people don't seem to care about what they cut their dog's nails with, and this can be very bad. There are a few things that are very bad when your dog has long nails, here's a list of just a few side effects of when you're not cutting his/her nails correctly:

  • he pain that they face when just walking can get severe, and completely alter your dog's lifestyle by making their life less happy. You'll want your dog to have shorter nails so that they don't feel pain when walking. Imagine if your nails were this long, and constantly hurt your feet with every step you took. It can really affect their livelihood.
  • This can ruin your furniture! When your dog runs around your house and gets up on your furniture, your whole house can end up getting ripped up by their nails. Dog nails are much sharper than human nails, and they can get intertwined in things in your house, causing a lot of damage.
  • Just walking around as a dog is going to be much louder with their nails clacking against the ground every day. This is going to annoy you, and they're going to have trouble walking on non-carpeted materials due to constantly slipping and sliding everywhere.In a nutshell, making your dog walk around with long nails is actually somewhat cruel. For these reasons, you should cut your dog's nails short and not allow them to grow out.

In a nutshell, making your dog walk around with long nails is actually somewhat cruel. For these reasons, you should cut your dog's nails short and not allow them to grow out.

Top 11 Dog Nail Grinders List

1. Oster Gentle Paws Premium Nail Grinder

​The best part about the Oster Premium Nail Grinder is that it's very affordable and quiet. When buying this nail grinder you're going to get a great 2-speed nail cutter for your pet. This doesn't just work for dogs, but also works for any other pet you have!

The safety guard that comes pre-installed is also perfect to ensure that your pet won't get cut when you're in the midst of cutting their nails. At just $20, this is one of the best deals you'll get for an actual electric nail grinder for your dog. One of the best parts about the quietness of the product is that you can use it on your dog without scaring him/her with the noise that comes from most nail grinders. These are the reasons for why I believe this is one of the best dog nail grinders.

Dremel is known for making some of the best products you can buy that relate to making sure your pets are at their maximum comfort. Once again, this product is electric and perfectly stable that your pet will be comfortable while his/her nails are getting cut. The only issue with the kit is the instructions that come with it. Make sure that if you buy this product, you read over the instructions via the internet.

This isn't as quiet as the Oster Gentle Paws nail grinder, but it's still moderately quiet so that your dog won't be too afraid of the noise coming out of it.

Here's a short clip that teaches you how to use the dremel

Being one of the highest rated and inexpensive items on our list, this is bound to be a favorite amongst many people. Once again, we're dealing with an electric tool that's rechargeable so you can use over and over again to cut your dog's nails.

After a few times of using this tool on your dog, he/she should be able to master their anxiety and be able to stay calm while you're trimming their nails. These are very easy to use and help you to cut nails very quickly.

You can also double with this product and use it on your cats as well, due to its nature of being a product for all animals!

One of the coolest things about this specific nail grinder for your dog is that it's rechargeable via USB. Due to its quiet nature, you can use this on your dog without him/her being upset by the noise.

You also get a 30 day back guarantee if you don't like the product, and with it being under $20, this is a perfect one to first try out on your dog, and if you don't like it, then you can pay more for a more expensive nail grinder and cutter.

It also looks sleek and professional with its white and soft texture.

The Andis EasyClip nail grinder for your dog is perfect if you want a cheap, programmable nail grinder and cutter for your pet. The only issue with this product is that it sometimes breaks if you don't use it correctly or use it too roughly.

Most Andis products can be respected for the quality that they're known to provide for professionals of dog grooming, and this product should get the job done easily.

Being one of the cheapest items on the list of our 11 best dog nail grinders, this is going to be one of the main ones people look at. However, you shouldn't associate a better price with a better product. Sure, you're going to be getting a high-quality set of nail clippers with this pair for under $10, but they've been newly released, and nobody's been able to actually test the product's durability over the long term.

If you feel like giving them a shot, you'll get high-quality performance out of these, but just know that you're going to be one of the pioneers of the group of people using this product!

This isn't a nail grinder but It deserved a spot in this list because of how good it is, there's another one below!

The best part about the Boshel Nail clippers for your dog is that these clippers are made very sharp so that you're going to have no doubt about cutting the nails perfectly. The only issue with the sharpness of these clippers is that you're going to need to expect a higher chance of injuring your dog. If you have belief in your skill of cutting and grinding your dog's nails, then you should have no problem using these low priced, good quality clippers on your dog.

The design and ergonomic handle that it comes equipped with are also perfect for you to cut your dog's nails in the right way, and you'll be comfortable while doing so. You'll also get a bonus nail file to come with this product so that after cutting your dog's nails sharply you'll be able to file them down so that they're the perfect texture and length.

The Wahl Professional Kit is perfect for professional dog groomers. They're mostly used by people who cut dog's nails for a living. If that doesn't give you confidence in the product itself, then I don't know what will. Wahl is also a very highly trusted brand for dog grooming supplies, and the best part is that you get so much more than just clippers.

It's an 11 piece kit with electric parts and perfect execution so that you can get the job done easily with style. You'll also be surprised to hear how quiet these dog nail grinders are, which will ensure that your dog won't be scared of the clippers or anxious when you pull them out.

The FURminator doesn't just have a cool name, but it also has some cool performance that comes along with it. When buying this lightweight, and easy to use nail cutter for your dog, you'll be surprised at how much punch this little thing has to it.

Due to the small size, you might have to spend some decent time on your dog's nails if you want them to be done correctly at the end, but all in all, it's a worthwhile product for you to try out on your dog. You also might need to train your dog to get used to the noise that comes from this high powered electric grinder, but after the initial wave of fear stops in your dog, you should be in good position to begin cutting his/her nails the right way.

The Conair grinder for cutting your dog's nails is a perfect electric cutter for your dog. The best part about this definitely isn't the price, but the quality and amount of time you'll get out of this durable piece of equipment will actually save you money in the long run! It's very quiet, which is great for people who have dogs with high anxiety, and it's also very lightweight and easy to use. It even has different tips included that you can put on the end, allowing you to decide whether or not you want to use it as a grinder or a sander.

You can also use this for any size of the animal that you have, so whether or not you have a Chihuahua or a Great Dane, you should be able to use it with the same ease and consistency either way. One of the main issues with other grinders that claim to have quiet noise is that they have a bad battery installed in them to keep the noise levels down. With this specific grinder, you're getting a good battery and good noise level that comes with it!

The best part about the Hertzko nail grinder is not the name of the brand you'll get on the product itself (which is quite honestly one of the most attractive parts of other grinders), but rather the gentleness and efficiency of this specific product. Currently, you'll find that there is a deal going on where you can get his for much less money than you would on any normal day, but that's not even the reason it made the list.

We included this product on the list because it contains so many features:

  • Small, medium and large ports all come attached to this. This allows you to adjust to the size of dog that you're tending to.
  • Motor installed that's very quiet. You seriously won't hear much coming out of this nail cutter and grinder for your dog.
  • Removable cap allowing you to clean this inside and out. You don't want to get your dog's nails dirty, so make sure you clean after every use of this!
  • USB compatible charging. This allows you to easily charge this thing and use it whenever and wherever you want. The only issue with this is that the motor inside may not always be able to hold a great charge, due to the motor itself accepting USB charges.

How To Cut Your Dog's Nails The Right Way

Cutting your dog's nails in the right way isn't too difficult once you get the hang of it. You should consider going to get them professionally cut first though, and maybe you can watch the person do it so that you can see how it's done correctly. This will benefit you in the long run by giving you a hands-on experience of how to actually do it. If you want some other tips and tricks about how to cut your dog's nails, check this out. Here are some of the best pieces of advice I've received about how you're supposed to cut your dog's nails the right way!

Our Favorite Dog Nail Grinder On Our List

Our overall favorite nail grinder on the list has to be the Innopaw Grooming Tool. It's one of the best seller. The good news with this is that it's not only for small dogs. You can truly use this on any size dog, and on any size animal that you want. If you have a rabbit with long nails, you can use this on him/her and get the same effects as if you were to use this on a dog!

The cover that comes included with this is also great at stopping injuries from happening to you or your dog. Since the grinding head is virtually hidden behind a layer, even if you slip and put this in the wrong area, it won't be grinding away at your dog's skin due to the layer protecting your dog! As we were talking about earlier, the main reason that you can use this on any size animal is due to the ports that come with it. They have a small, medium and large port which is perfect if you have multiple dogs and don't want to have to buy a new grinder for each dog.

Another favorite part of this piece of machinery is the motor that comes installed in it. You won't catch this thing dying on you soon, and it will last long and is as durable as they come. The motor can be charged, and even though it's electric, it's still considered a cordless piece of equipment which means you won't have to lug around wires with you everywhere you take this thing. The white, sleek piece of machinery that this product is makes it the very best one on our list, and with a price like that, you won't get a better deal on a better product anywhere else.

Tips For Trimming Dog Nails

  • A good trimmer is important. If you don't have a good trimmer or went cheap, you might run into issues with the clipper getting the job done correctly. Remember, you'll be saving more money in the long run by buying a good clipper with moderate expense than you will by constantly having to pay a professional to cut your dog's nails every other month.
  • Avoid the pink part of the nail. It has blood vessels running through it and can cause a lot of pain in the dog. If you avoid this part of the nail you'll save a lot of pain. Make sure that you just cut the tip of the nail!
  • Cut from under the nail rather than cutting from over the top of the nail. Basically, cutting your dog's nails is nothing like cutting your own nails. They're completely different from each other and you should always cut from underneath to make sure it cuts correctly.
  • Trim quickly. If you take your time squeezing the handle then you'll put your dog at much more risk by increasing the chance of making a mistake. If you cut slowly and then your dog moves while you're cutting, you can even end up ripping his/her whole nail off.

Are Dog Nail Grinders Even Safe To Use?

A lot of people have been wondering whether or not these things are even safe to use. The answer to this question is slightly difficult. If you know how to use the device, have a good device known for its safety, and have a well-behaved dog then you won't have any trouble with this. The issue resides in people who have never used a dog nail grinder before trying to use it on their untrained dog. When this happens, bad results usually take place. If you don't know what you're doing, the following can happen:

  • Your dog can get severely injured. If you cut their paw, they will have trouble walking and will be miserable for weeks with painful cuts on their paw.
  • You can cut their nails in a jagged way, causing them to have very sharp nails. With sharp nails, comes very bad results if your dog is one that likes to run around the house or use your furniture. As spoken about earlier in the article, when your dog ruins your furniture you'll probably never stop beating yourself over it due to you being able to prevent all of this.
  • You could even injure yourself. If you're not careful with this, then you could easily cut yourself. Trust me, you do not want to cut yourself with one of these!

Next Steps To Take

The next steps for you to take if you're serious about cutting your dog's nails and grinding them are simple. Here are the steps you need to take:

  • You need to train your dog and prepare him/her for this. If your dog is untrained, you won't be able to effectively do this. You should play machine noises for your dog while he eats (or at any specific time of the day) to get your dog used to the noise level before your grinder comes.
  • You should train your dog with treats when using these nail grinders. This gives them an incentive to get their nails cut. This will make them love getting their nails cut!
  • Buy the right one. If you have a big dog, then don't buy one that's specifically meant to grind and cut small dog's nails. The same goes with the other way around. Don't go cheap and get one that won't work correctly, cutting your dog's nails is a big responsibility and you'll want to do it the right way.

Do you guys prefer using nail clipper or grinder for your dog nails? Let me know in the comments!

15 Best Quick & Easy DIY Dog Toys You Can Make Now!

Have you ever tried making some DIY dog toys yourself? My guess is that you searched the Internet for some ideas and tutorials, only to be overwhelmed by hundreds of different ideas!

As dog owners, we all want our dogs to be happy. So to help you guys, I scoured and searched for the best and found 15 DIY dog toys that are quick and easy to make!

1. Ball Dog Toy

diy ball dog toy


​Easy to make dog ball toy with supplies you can find laying around your house.

An old ball or a tennis ball
An old shirt or a piece of fabric
Piece of ribbon

​Get the instructions here, via Ammo The Dachshund.

2. Plastic Bottle Dog Toy

diy plastic bottle dog toy


​If you don't have a ball, I'm sure you must have a plastic bottle.

Plastic Bottle
An old shirt or a piece of fabric

​Get the instructions here, via Ammo The Dachshund.

3. Rope Ball​

DIY rope ball


If you're looking for a DIY ball that hides treat inside, take a look at this.

105 inches (8.75 yd) of 1 inch-thick cotton rope like the above.
Dog treats
2 Twist ties​

Get the instructions here, via ​Hands Occupied.

​4. Clothing Dog Toy

DIY Shirt dog toy


Have unwanted shirts or shirts you don't wear anymore? Use them for this!

Shirts you don't need

Get the instructions here​, via Purfylle.

​5. Apple Kong Dog Toy



Just like the good old Kong Classic Dog Toy but edible!

Apple corer
Peanut butter

​Get the instructions here, via Pretty Fluffy.

​6. Denim Dog Toy

Diy denim dog toy


You can make these from a good old denim!

​Dog squeaker toy
Fibre fill
Needle & thread

Get the instructions here, via Pillar Boxblue.

7.​ Muffin Tray Dog Toy 

diy dog boredom toy


Great toy for your dog that needs him to think and he gets awarded with treats!

Muffin baking tray
Tennis ball

Get the instructions here, via Dogue.

8. Rope Bone Dog Toy

diy Dog rope bone toy


This one is a bit hard to make and you'll have to put some effort in it.

Cotton rope
Lacrosse ball
Duct tape

Get the instructions here, via Instructables.

9. Ring Rope Dog Toy

Ring rope dog toy


​One of my favorite toy. All you need is a rope!

Scissors (Most of these DIY things need scissors so I'm just going to ignore it.)

Get the instructions here, via Instructables.​

10. Easy Denim Toy

easy denim dog toy


Probably the easiest DIY toy in the list!

Denim jeans

Get the instructions here,​ via Instructables.

11. Foxtail toy

foxtail dog toy


​Another unique toy, ball with a tail! Your dog will love this!

Tennis ball
Sewing needle

Get the instructions here, via ​Instructables.

12. Toilet Paper ​Toy

toilet paper dog toy


​Another easy DIY toy that uses treat to reward your dog.

Toilet paper roll

Get the instructions here, via Ginger Penny Pincher​.

13.​ Tennis Ball Treat Toy

Tennis ball treat toy


Another one of my favorite toy to make. Also my dog's favorite too!

Tennis ball

Get the instructions here, via Romp Rescue.​

14.​ Restuffable Dog Toy

Restuffable dog toy


​Dogs love stuffed toys but they destroy them pretty easily so here's one you can make that you can re-stuff it when needed.

Stuffed toy
Sewing kit
Felt Sheets

Get the instructions here, via Kolchak Puggle​.

​15. Chew-Proof Dog Toy

chew proof dog toy


​If your dog likes chewing and biting on things a lot, try making this chew-proof toy for him/her.

Sewing kit
Pillow stuffing

Get the instructions here, via Real Housewives Of Mn.

11 Best Hypoallergenic Dog Food For Allergic Dogs [2017 Buyers Guide]

So your dog's allergic? You probably didn't see that coming. Most of us dog owners don't realize that our dogs can get allergies as well. After sometime we realize and because we all want whats best for our dogs. We want the best hypoallergenic dog food for our friends.

And because we all want our dog the best of the best. I've created this post that helps you choose between 11 different hypoallergenic dog food for your dog.

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How To Groom Your Dog (Comprehensive Guide)

Introduction to grooming

​Grooming our dogs is something we tend to overlook because we're having too much fun with them or we're just bad at it.

But grooming should be taken seriously because if not, your dog will be the one suffering. Which is why I created this comprehensive guide to teach you how to groom your dog.

I'm not asking you to groom your dog every day but once or twice a month is fine depending on his condition.

I mean, you don't want your dog to look dirty and smelly, do you?​

Besides a clean dog is a happy dog!​

Here's what you'll learn from this guide.

  • Why you should groom your dog
  • The benefits of grooming
  • Basic grooming tools/supplies
  • ​How to prepare your dog for a bath
  • ​How to clean your dog's eyes and ears
  • How to brush his teeth and clip his nails
  • How to bathe him
  • How to clip his coat​
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