Can my dog eat mango? Apple? Orange?

Having your four-legged friend stare at you with those sad round eyes while you eat something delicious is probably the most hard-to-resist feeling in the world. Our instinct tells us to immediately share the food with our friend, because, well…it’s delicious right?

However, that’s not always the best thing to do! In fact, it’s probably better to resist the urge to feed your dog human food until you’re completely sure that it’s safe for him. Have you ever wondered – “Can I give my dog Mango? Raw meat? Ice-cream? Apple?”


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Can I give human food to my dog?​

Even if some foods are perfectly good and even healthy for you as a human to eat, it doesn’t mean that they’ll bring the same benefits to your dog. On the contrary, some of the healthiest food choices for us such as green tea or dark chocolate can be fatal for your dog!

For this reason, knowing what you should and shouldn’t feed your dog is crucial. Sometimes, even the smallest amount of a certain substance can result in your dog having diarrhea, intoxication, seizures, anemia, or worse!​

On the other side, there are many human foods that can serve as a perfect snack for your dog! Don’t forget that a dog should be fed primarily with dog food since it contains all the essential nutrients and vitamins necessary for your friend to have a long and healthy life!

Human food should be considered as a treat and it shouldn’t amount to more than 10% of your dog’s diet. However, giving an occasional treat here and there will switch things up a bit and give some extra love and happiness to your dog.​

In order to help you decide which treats are edible for dogs and which are strictly forbidden, we’ve composed a list of some of the best and worst foods for dogs.

Even though it’s impossible to list every single food out there, we’ll give you some of the essentials. And as a word of advice before moving on to the list – if you don’t find a certain food here and you’re not sure about it – better resist giving it to your dog until you’re completely sure whether or not it’s safe!​

Safe to Eat Foods for Dogs​!

Lean and Boneless Meat

Most Vegetables

Most Fruits

Salmon and Other Boneless Fish

Peanut butter



Cooked Eggs

SOME Dairy Products


Forbidden Foods for Dogs


Garlic and Onion

Raw Meat/Bones/Fish/Eggs



Grapes and Raisins




Fruit Pits and Seeds (Peaches, Plums, Persimmons)

Macadamia Nuts

Yeast Dough

Fatty Meats


As we can see, many of the everyday table foods that are healthy for us can be extremely dangerous for the man’s best friend. Putting aside the fact that you’ll have less control over how much your dog really eats, constantly treating your dog with human food can pose some more serious threats to his health.

While we might avoid garlic only because it will give us a bad breath, it can actually kill your dog. And while milk and coffee are the perfect combinations for waking up in the morning, it won’t be the same for your furry friend.

Now that you know all of this, we do understand that accidents can happen. In case you suspect that your dog has eaten something bad for him, closely monitor his behavior over the next few weeks. As soon as you notice something out of the ordinary, bring your pup to the vet! Many of the above-mentioned products can have consequences that don’t show up right away but after some weeks or even months.

So, if you really think that your dog has ingested large quantities of food that’s toxic for him (or any other toxic substance in your home), it’s best to seek veterinary help immediately! In this way, your vet can react fast and prevent the food from dissolving in your dog’s system.

As a final note, remember that these “human” foods should not represent a large part of your dog’s diet, but rather be considered as occasional treats. A dog should eat well-balanced dog food that will provide complete and proper nourishment. So, follow these tips, stay on the safe side, and enjoy the love and happiness of your healthy ball of fur!


Allison here from Pupfection! I was fostering homeless dogs for more than 2 years and currently traveling. And now here to share my tricks, tips, and reviews related to dogs and puppies on Pupfection.

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