15 Best Quick & Easy DIY Dog Toys You Can Make Now!

Have you ever tried making some DIY dog toys yourself? My guess is that you searched the Internet for some ideas and tutorials, only to be overwhelmed by hundreds of different ideas!

As dog owners, we all want our dogs to be happy. So to help you guys, I scoured and searched for the best and found 15 DIY dog toys that are quick and easy to make!


1. Ball Dog Toy

​Easy to make dog ball toy with supplies you can find laying around your house.

An old ball or a tennis ball
An old shirt or a piece of fabric
Piece of ribbon

​Get the instructions here, via Ammo The Dachshund.

2. Plastic Bottle Dog Toy

​If you don't have a ball, I'm sure you must have a plastic bottle.

Plastic Bottle
An old shirt or a piece of fabric

​Get the instructions here, via Ammo The Dachshund.

3. Rope Ball​

If you're looking for a DIY ball that hides treat inside, take a look at this.

105 inches (8.75 yd) of 1 inch-thick cotton rope like the above.
Dog treats
2 Twist ties​

Get the instructions here, via ​Hands Occupied.

​4. Clothing Dog Toy

Have unwanted shirts or shirts you don't wear anymore? Use them for this!

Shirts you don't need

Get the instructions here​, via Purfylle.

​5. Apple Kong Dog Toy

Just like the good old Kong Classic Dog Toy but edible!

Apple corer
Peanut butter

​Get the instructions here, via Pretty Fluffy.

​6. Denim Dog Toy

You can make these from a good old denim!

​Dog squeaker toy
Fibre fill
Needle & thread

Get the instructions here, via Pillar Boxblue.

7.​ Muffin Tray Dog Toy 

Great toy for your dog that needs him to think and he gets awarded with treats!

Muffin baking tray
Tennis ball

Get the instructions here, via Dogue.

8. Rope Bone Dog Toy

This one is a bit hard to make and you'll have to put some effort in it.

Cotton rope
Lacrosse ball
Duct tape

Get the instructions here, via Instructables.

9. Ring Rope Dog Toy

​One of my favorite toy. All you need is a rope!

Scissors (Most of these DIY things need scissors so I'm just going to ignore it.)

Get the instructions here, via Instructables.​

10. Easy Denim Toy

Probably the easiest DIY toy in the list!

Denim jeans

Get the instructions here,​ via Instructables.

11. Foxtail toy

​Another unique toy, ball with a tail! Your dog will love this!

Tennis ball
Sewing needle

Get the instructions here, via ​Instructables.

12. Toilet Paper ​Toy

​Another easy DIY toy that uses treat to reward your dog.

Toilet paper roll

Get the instructions here, via Ginger Penny Pincher​.

13.​ Tennis Ball Treat Toy

Another one of my favorite toy to make. Also my dog's favorite too!

Tennis ball

Get the instructions here, via Romp Rescue.​

14.​ Restuffable Dog Toy

​Dogs love stuffed toys but they destroy them pretty easily so here's one you can make that you can re-stuff it when needed.

Stuffed toy
Sewing kit
Felt Sheets

Get the instructions here, via Kolchak Puggle​.

​15. Chew-Proof Dog Toy

​If your dog likes chewing and biting on things a lot, try making this chew-proof toy for him/her.

Sewing kit
Pillow stuffing

Get the instructions here, via Real Housewives Of Mn.


Allison here from Pupfection! I was fostering homeless dogs for more than 2 years and currently traveling. And now here to share my tricks, tips, and reviews related to dogs and puppies on Pupfection.

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